Sparse Low-degree IMplicits (SLIM)

Yutaka Ohtake , Alexander Belyaev , Marc Alexa  

Symposium of Geometric Processing 2005

We propose a new surface representation delivering an accurate approximation to a set of points scattered over a smooth surface by
Sparse Low-degree IMplicits (SLIM). The SLIM surface representation consists of a sparse multi-scale set of nonconforming surface primitives which are blended along view rays during the rendering phase. This new representation leads to an interactive real-time visualization of large-size models and delivers a better rendering quality than standard splatting techniques based on linear primitives. Further, SLIM allows us to achieve a fast and accurate estimation of surface curvature and curvature derivatives and, therefore, is very suitable for many non-photorealistic rendering tasks. Applications to ray-tracing and surface smoothing are also considered.


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Talk slides:

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Windows executable files with source code for Microsoft VC++6.0

Sample input points for SLIM generator (pwn2slim)

Sample SLIM surfaces:

The original data from The Stanford 3D Scanning Repository:

·          Stanford Bunny

·          Happy Buddha

·          Dragon

·          Armadillo