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DAY 1 [9:30-10:30, JULY 10]
"Accelerated Volume Graphics"

    Arie E. Kaufman (Stony Brook University, USA)


DAY 1 [13:30-14:30, JULY 10]
"The Algebra and Geometry of Curve and Surface Inversion"

    T. Sederberg (Brigham Young University, USA)
    and E.-W. Chionh (National University of Singapore, Singapore)


DAY 2 [13:30-14:30, JULY 11]
"Applying Knowledge to Reverse Engineering Problems"

    R. Fisher (University of Edinburgh, UK)


DAY 3 [9:00-10:00, JULY 12]
"Information Models of Design Constraints for Collaborative Product Development"

    G. Theodosiou (National Technical University of Athens, Greece),
    N. Sapidis (University of the Aegean, Greece),
    and A. Bouras (IUT Lumiere University, France)


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