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Full papers in English containing original and unpublished results are solicited.


The conference proceedings will be published by IEEE Computer Society Press.


YOUR PAPER DUE DATE IS JANUARY 20, 2002 (Japan Standard Time).


A paper submitted for review should be in either of the following two formats, Free Format or Proceedings Format.
  • Free Format:
    Double Space on A4 or Letter Size. (ex. Times, 12 points) The maximum length of a paper is 20 double-spaced pages.

  • Proceedings Format:
    You can also prepare your paper in the format used for the conference proceedings which will be published from IEEE CS Press. The "Formatting Instructions INSTRUCT.TXT (ASCII)" can be downloaded. The maximum length of a paper is 10 pages. LaTeX style files are available.


The cover page of a paper should include a title, an abstract, keywords, author's name, and affiliations. A contact author's e-mail address, mailing address, phone number and fax number must be also specified in the cover page. These items should also be sent to the conference secretariat via e-mail as specified below.


Full-color will be utilized throughout this year's proceeding, so any type of color images included in papers will AUTOMATICALLY be printed in color. Due to cost involved, authors are therefore limited on the number of pages that include color images. Authors are allowed two (2) pages with color images. Extra pages with color images may be purchased at a cost of US $200.00 per extra color page. Details will be informed by IEEE CS press.


Electronic submission via FTP is requested. Acceptable file formats for paper submission are Postscript, PDF, RTF, and MS Word. Please note that IEEE Computer Science Press requires that the camera-ready version of an accepted paper be in PostScript or PDF.

Please use your full name as the file name when sending the file to the above ftp site, as for example, the filename for paper in PostScript by "Leonhard Euler" would be "".
When transferring files to this FTP site, if you have a choice between ASCII and binary modes, use binary. Although ASCII mode works well most of the time, binary mode incurs fewer problems.

To upload your paper file on the FTP site:

  1. FTP to
  2. User: anonymous
  3. Place your file in the login directory as follows:
    1. ftp> binary
    2. ftp> put <your_file>

After FTP, please E-Mail to a program committee chair as follows:

After transferring your paper via FTP, the information on the cover page in a plain text file must be sent by e-mail to In case you ship supplemental materials, please describe what, when, how you ship, in this e-mail. Submission will be acknowledged as soon as possible.


SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS (video tapes, color plates)
If you have supplemental materials for your paper such as video tapes, movie files on CD-ROM and color plates, please ship THREE COPIES of each of them by First Class Mail (Fedex, DHL etc.) to the program co-chair by the dead line. Video tape must be of NTSC-VHS format. See the mailing address below. These materials will not be returned to the authors after reviewing the papers.

It may take some time for custom clearance, so please ship them sufficiently before the dead line. In case we can not receive the materials by the dead line, the paper will be reviewed without them.


All the queries concerning papers must be sent to the program co-chair:

    Prof. Hiromasa SUZUKI
    Department of Precision Engineering
    The University of Tokyo
    Hongo 7-3-1, Bunkyo, Tokyo 113-8656, JAPAN
    Tel:+81-3-5841-6490 Fax:+81-3-5841-8552


Last updated on Dec 20, 2001